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Welcome, I’m Eden Gruger,

The author of three darkly comic modern fiction collections, two non fiction writers books. Creator of Make Your Book A Reality, and a truly inspirational speaker.

If you cannot find exactly what you need please email me.

Regards Eden

Write Your Own Book

Wherever you are in your journey I have something for you, if you are thinking about writing a book one day, and would welcome a free monthly dose of motivation to your inbox until you are ready to move forward then you are one of my delightful Dreamers.

If you are already writing and would appreciate support about writing, editing and designing your book you are my marvellous Makers.

And when you published and need to think about marketing and building a fanbase join my courageous Creators.

(And I promise we’ll have lots of fun along the way!)

If you would appreciate more targeted advice without waiting for your next email there are fourteen downloadable Make Your Book A Reality masterclasses (available in audio or written format).

Make Your Book A Reality with Eden Gruger

Book Me To Speak

I’d love the chance to share my experiences and expertise at your next dinner, seminar, or group event, and can tailor my talk to suit your audience and objectives.

Am I your next inspirational speaker?

Message me to discuss your project in more detail 

Explore My Blog

Full of advice and information for writers, as well as stories and funnies for my readers.

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