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Mysteries and miss- stories

I have been wanting to trace the family history for years, I remember promising myself that when I finished my degree, and had more time then I would start.  Then I did the counselling course, and then I started writing the book. But over the bank holiday it was floating around, and on the Who do you think you are podcast thing I have been listening to it said the first step is to write down everything you know.  Uncle Herbert lived in Green Street, Grandad came from Tottenham,  and Granny from Luton, Great Grandad Partridge was traced back as far as Camden when other people had started looking, Grandad Partridge was one of thirteen, but other than him and Herbert we only know about Auntie Phil, and Auntie Lil. The other nine might not have even made it through infancy, through the war, or into adulthood.

Granny had a twin – Margery, and a brother Dennis, who lived in Guernsey and Canada respectively.  I have seen a copy of Granny and Grandad’s wedding certificate, and they had their marriage witnessed by her Aunt and Uncle Mia and Tobias. Apparently her parents didn’t come because they didn’t approve of the marriage.

Great Granny Carla’s maiden name was Wilding, which is an unusual name, and should be easy to trace, she had a sister who lived in Ilfracombe.  Great Grandad Arnold’s sister Elsa shared a house with him and G.G Carla, her name was either Agnes Elaine or Elaine Agnes.

It shocks me that within two generations the names of the older relatives have been forgotten, old fragments of cute but useless information like Auntie always brought a quarter of tea when she visited that mum liked is still there, but I don’t think that will help to track anyone down.

I want to know who these people were, what were their stories? why did Granny’s parent’s disapproved of Grandad so much they didn’t attend the wedding? or is this a family fable?

TTFN Eden 🙂

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