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Plan your life

Someone I met today told me about a friend of hers who had complied a list of 100 things that she wanted to do within the next ten years; this woman was doing a 50 things in 5 years list – that really got me thinking, what would I put on my list? So here are a few of mine, they are not in order of importance or desire – no judgements thank you – let me know what you would put on your 50 things in 5 years list…

1. Achieve the bronze KCGS award
2. Achieve the silver KCGS award
3. Achieve the gold KCGS award
4. Had my nose pierced
5. Crocheted a wearable garment
6. Own and use a camper van
7. Get a door on my greenhouse
8. Be a pescatarian
9. Have been on a river cruise
10. Have my own study
11. Have gone on a scenic railway journey through Canada
12. Have read all the books on my to be read pile as of today
13. Have gotten toned and fit
14. Have been accepted to open my garden for the NGS or similar scheme
15. Have kept in touch with the good friends that I have now
16. Still to be a regular (weekly) blogger
17. To have gone on a retreat
18. Have made a blanket with 100 of the 200 motifs in the 200 crochet blocks book on my shelf

TTFN Eden 🙂

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