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Urban neighbours

Looking at how close I am to having written he 10,000 hours that you ‘need’ to become an expert in your field I have to assume that it started from when I did my degree, I spent time researching what I was writing as well as putting together what I wanted to say in a way that someone else would be able to understand it, so that is my start, an then I did the introduction to counselling skills, and the level two in counselling skills, and I have the drafts of another three books on my computer, so that is quite a lot of hours to get me started. I have probably under rather than over estimated my time, and that is another good thing about given yourself a ten minute time check, you can see how much you can actually realistically write in that time, and when you look at things it makes it easier to work out ho long things have taken. I also have to try an learn to ignore the dogs. I really do what to make a career out of writing, and I do what to make some money from it – my goodness I would be lying to myself if I said I didn’t. But then book that I have been reading say is do it because you love it, you have to. And it is true that I never really wanted t do anything else.

The person coughing outside sounds like they are about to bring up a lung, surely someone who is so ill should be wandering around? But then maybe it as a smoker’s cough, it didn’t sound phlegmy. I often hear people cough dramatically without seeming to be ill in themselves. I thought it was in the street but now it sounds more like it its next door – through the wall, it is weird to share a wall with people, hear the odd shriek of laughter, I am sure if they had shouting row you would be able to hear it, but we don’t know their name’s, I dare say they wouldn’t be able to pick us out of a line up if they had to , which hopefully they won’t have to.

I will have to learn how to touch type I think, my typing might be getting faster but then you look at all these little red lines of spelling mistakes and sometimes the words don’t look like anything at all. I also didn’t get around to finishing the ‘starting to write fiction’ course, I think that is because I use myself, and I don’t or rather haven’t bother to expand on the characters, that would definitely be something to consider in the future, going back and writing in a longer form, developing the characters and given them some background so that people can give a shit what has happened to them, as well as having a laugh at their expense. I heard Marion Keyes called chick lit yesterday, and I wished that I hadn’t really.

There is 47 seconds left, and I think I have written about a page, which means if you go all steam of consciousness then you can put anything down, it isn’t like I am trying to write a story, that might happen or develop once I get into my ten minute habit. who knows the answers to all the questions?

TTFN Eden 🙂

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