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Learning to write

Writing for the sake of writing, just about anything seems like an odd way to learn your craft, but thanks to How to be a writer by Sally O’Reilly thinking about how you need 10,000 hours to be expert has really fired my imagination.  If you wrote for one hour a day seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year, 365 hours a year, that would make it 3650 hours, and another ten years would make it 36500 so another five years would be 3650 plus 1500 plus 325 that makes 4000 1100 and 50 and 325 that’s 5100 and 50 and 325 375 and totals 5475 hours, and I think I might be better off with a  calculator. But you need to write for 27 and a half hours a day to write for 10,000 hours in a year.

The other thing is how many hours I have already written – and does editing count? I wrote for 30 hours to write the drafts of Down with frogs, if that is the basic amount, although with editing that would be more like 160 hours, and I think then I wrote the page of the blog, media pages, word sin progress, down with frogs is published, the home page and then they are the posts for each month, march madness, a relaxing Easter, the 5 minute challenge, Auntie Enda, The taxi driver, the interview page, the actual  Whispering words interview, the marketing guest blog, so that all counts, and that’s a bloody good start, definitely taking on the 10,000 hour challenge.

TTFN Eden 🙂

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