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Creativity Workshops

It’s been a long held dream of mine to run creativity workshops, I even designed a couple, and then left them to collect metaphorical dust in my laptop. Why did I do that? well mainly because there was work to do on my next book (Laughing at Myself), and a load of marketing activities to get through for the first book (Down With Frogs).

But there was another reason, which you can probably guess, because I wasn’t sure that I would be able to speak to a group of people for multiple hours on my chosen specialised subject – I know my friends and love ones will be choking on their tea at that, being known as someone of a verbose persuasion.  Talking to strangers is a whole different kettle of fish, and don’t forget it was drummed into us since forever not to talk to strangers, so really it was just following the good girl rules; again I am nearly deafened by the coughing.

I would have continued in this way if not for a wise women who just laid out for me why I needed to start offering workshops, and just like that I was ready.

Drum roll please…do do do do do do doo My first ‘Creativity In Five’ workshop is on 22nd November, 10am to 12pm

email for your booking form Get a booking form

During this workshop will explore five different techniques to boost your creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities, to help you grab your ‘lightbulb moments’. Each exercise will encourage and ease out your natural skills, in a non-competitive atmosphere.  This event is suitable for creative professionals, managers, therapists, students and anyone who needs to be able to come up with more interesting solutions.

Easy to reach venue in IG10

Total cost of workshop : £45 to be paid on booking

50% of all profits to Haven House Children’s Hospice

TTFN Eden 🙂

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