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Apologises to you –

Hi all, many apologises, I know it’s been so quiet you could hear a pin drop around here lately.  Straight after Christmas I was working hard on getting my second book Laughing at Myself through the editing and publishing process (more about that later).

Personally it’s been a really tricky time, as my Mum died very suddenly at 5am on 9th February, after falling ill on 5th February.  I cannot go into too many details just now, but will be sharing my experience when the dust settles a little.

How I have kept going I don’t know, luckily I have inherited my Dad’s ability to compartmentalise, and my Mum’s ability to say ‘b******s to it’ when things get too much.

With the support of my lovely editor Ruth Howard, my very patient IT expert Abbie Akinfenwa and my very supportive husband, Laughing at Myself the eBook is almost out now.  It still has about six weeks to got through global distribution protocols, but it can be ordered direct from my publisher.

TTFN Eden 🙂

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