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Block Off!

Knock your writer’s block off, for good! writers block can be a real issue for anyone who writes, whether that’s books, articles, blogs, or talks.  Anything that involves you having to translate the myriad wonders of your mind, into simple words that you can put on a page is bound to be tricky isn’t it? It’s important to know what block is, and what it isn’t; block is a sub conscious doubt of whether you will be able to express yourself, a pre-emptive judgement that you won’t, that horror upon horrors, other people will see you ‘not being good enough’, a fear of failure, and sometimes a fear of success (yep, that’s a real thing people).

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Block isn’t terminal, it will not kill you. Henry Roth famously had block between ‘Call it Sleep’ published in 1934, and when he started writing ‘Mercy of a Rude Stream’ in 1979. Now that’s serious block, so what happened? He suffered, what has been described as ‘ideological frustration and personal confusion’; in other words life got in the way of writing. Take note, despite not being able to write anything that could be published for decades it didn’t stop him picking himself up, and creating a four volume wonder.

Come on Eden! why did you just tell me that someone had block for forty years? Now I’m even more stressed. If what you saw in my example was more cause to worry, remember that Roth went through, and then put all the stuff that was going in his life and the world to one side. He went on to write a series of four books, which was three more than he had published before the block. That’s why you need to stop freaking out. I mean it, you need to start meditating, walking, listening to Mozart, whatever it’s going to take for you to get some perspective. There is a difference between I can’t write, and I don’t want to write, one comes from having the feelings of nothing in your head, or no words to translate what’s in your head. The other is your brain telling you that it’s time to take a break, if you have big stuff going on, trauma, relationship breakdown, family issues, problems with housing, financial hardship; or positive big stuff, getting married, going on a long trip, a new baby in the family, a new job or winning the lottery. All your energy is needed to deal with that, be realistic, and cut yourself some slack, presuming that none of these is the case for you, I can help.

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What if I said that there are simple techniques that you can use, that actually work to get you writing, and keep you writing. I am delighted to share them with you, and then all you have to do, is practise them. To get the ball rolling, and make writer’s block a genuine thing of the past. I’m going to give you my Top Ten Tips to Knock Your Writer’s Block Off, for FREE. Follow the clicky linky below and press the I want… button, and your tips will magically appear.

Do let me know which of the techniques you have particularly helpful, and the most challenging.  And don’t forget to join in with Writing Prompt Fridays on my social media every week, see you there!

TTFN, Eden 😊

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