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5 year plan check in

On the 12th June 2019 I wrote a post about a woman I had met, who had a list of 50 things she planned to do in the next five years, and how this inspired me to create my own list. One year on seemed like the perfect time to check in with where I am.  Here’s little reminder of what was on my list 12th June 2019.

1-3. Achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizens awards
4. Had my nose pierced
5. Crocheted a wearable garment
6. Own and use a camper van
7. Get a door on my greenhouse
8. Be a pescatarian
9. Have been on a river cruise
10. Have my own study
11. Have gone on a scenic railway journey through Canada
12. Have read all the books on my to be read pile as of today
13. Have gotten toned and fit
14. Have been accepted to open my garden for the NGS or similar scheme
15. Have kept in touch with the good friends that I have now
16. Still to be a regular (weekly) blogger
17. To have gone on a retreat
18. Have made a blanket with 100 of the 200 motifs in the 200 crochet blocks book on my shelf  

Now I am not sure how much thought was put into my list (I cannot remember, thank you perimenopause),  but the first thing that stuck me, which I am sure you will question also, is that I only managed to think of eighteen things to put on my list, naturally there are a few seriously personal things that are on a special just for me to know list, but only eighteen shareable things, that doesn’t seem many. Anyhoo, three hundred and sixty six days on I have done three of the things on the list.

I got my nose pierced, which went well, and wasn’t nearly as bad as when it was pierced by someone else eighteen years previously, and nearly drown us both in my blood.  This time it didn’t bleed at all, so it just goes to show you that I put off getting it done after it closed up before for no good reason other than being scared.  Which is a handy revelation as it turns out, when I was on holiday four weeks in after piercing, I washed my face a bit vigorously, and the new stud came out and slipped down the plug hole. By the time I got back home the hole had closed up again, so although it came off the list, it has now gone back on, and as soon as lockdown is over I will be making an appointment with the man who did it last time.

Eden and big dog

I am a very pleased and proud dog mummy to say that myself and big dog achieved both the Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze award and the Kennel Club Good Citizens Silver award, yay big dog and many thanks to Claire and David of Homeward Hounds, seriously amazing trainers, at least 50% of their work is aimed at the human part of the team) http:/

I managed to crochet about a third of a baby cardigan, but then got stuck as the pattern was just gobbled gook for my Dyslexic brain.  If I can get someone to sit and translate it for me I may well have gotten finished and Emilee would have had a lovely little cardy for her first birthday, otherwise it will get done at some point just not for Emilee.

Other than that there is still no door on the greenhouse, although I rigged up an old shower curtain over the winter, lucky it is unheated anyway. You all know that I didn’t manage to maintain a regular blogging schedule.  Hopefully I am back on track with that now… 

Going over it, I am really surprised that there wasn’t anything work related on the list, as after my family work means so much to me, but maybe that was the point I was trying to make to myself, to think outside of my work goals, I guess that was where my brain was at last year.  And my work goal list is pretty much never ending especially now I have started out of your head and onto the page…..

TTFN Eden 🙂

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