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Creativity In Five: Boost Your Brain and Flourish

Guess who is running her popular workshop Creativity In Five: Boost Your Brain in Just One Session for the very lovely people at Australia’s Flourish Virtual Retreat?

That’s right you fabulous guessers you! it’s me! and as you can probably tell I am just a little excited! Just to put my serious hat on for just a moment – during the session we will be running through my five fabulous, fun and very easy to follow exercises, that play with the wonder that is your brains natural neural plasticity.

You may have heard me explain this before, but you can make new paths which turn into shortcuts in the brain, and that is your brains superpower when learning a new habit, or breaking an old one.  In just half an hour we will change the way you think, giving your creative brain a hug, and a kick in the butt all in one!

“Ok Eden that does sound pretty great, but tell me what else is going on at Flourish?”  I’m so very glad that you asked… Flourish Virtual Retreat  a hybrid virtual event for Creative business owners & entrepreneurs just like you, featuring both live, and recorded keynotes, workshops and masterclasses.

You can listen in by joining on the day 9am AEST on 21st April 2021, or VIP your experience and join in at your own time zones leisure…

+ VIP ticket holders get access to a bank of pre-recorded sessions, providing them with advice, encouragement and hands on activities on how to get more motivation, money & momentum in their creative business and a VIP networking event.

All pre-recorded sessions will be available from April 21st after the live opening day + another 10+ pre-recorded sessions by thought leaders in their fields for + VIP pass holders.

VIP or not you will leave this retreat ready to move forward in your creative biz with purpose & passion and make more of a profit!

To get your pass and access my workshop Creativity In Five: Boost Your Brain in One Session

Take me to Flourish passes

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