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The glamourous life of the writer

I loved this photoshoot, playing around with the idea of the glamourous life of the writer, that hasn’t been my experience so far (apart from that day!). I guess it can be for some writers, but for the rest of us it’s tricky. You are doing what you love, but, haven’t got a clue how to approach making your writings into a book, and your book into a reality. Whether to self-publish, or apply to an agent? how to self-publish? with whom? which agent to approach? how to do the marketing? That’s before you even get as far as thinking about how to make sales.

Where do you start?

Ok, now breathe, you are here now. I won’t lie to you, being a writer is hard work, but if writing is your passion, as it is mine, don’t let all the other parts of the job put you off. Let me help you on your way, I won’t teach you how to write, sorry that bit is up to you; however, I can help you with all of the practical issues of taking your book out of your head and onto the page. Which coincidentally is the name of my coaching programme to make your book a reality. Check out the ‘Out of Your Head page for more information on the workshops.

My books, Down With Frogs, and Laughing at Myself get a mention in Eden’s Books, all future books will be there too. If you need a funny, quirky speaker for your group, dinner, or event then I’m your gal, available to speak on choosing between traditional and self-publishing, what you need to know to write a book, boosting your creativity without picking up a paint brush, living with a complex mental health condition, how do the mentally ill get supported in our community, who are the mentally ill, and as a mental health advocate.

My blogs share the ups, downs and inspirations of my life, be warned I’m an optimist, so even when the poop hits the fan, I do my best to see the funny side of the situation.

For social media peeps my Facebook page, Twitter and Linkedin posts are themed for the things I love, humour with ‘Funny Monday’s’, reading on ‘Who Was Wednesday’s?’ Trivia on ‘Find Out Something New Thursday’s’, and of course writing and inspiring others on ‘Writing prompt Friday’s’.  Why not pop over and join in?

All of Eden’s books are formatted using guidelines from The British Dyslexia Association, to make them accessible to all readers, including those with literacy issues.  With a larger than average, regularly shaped font, wider spacing between lines, and bold titles.  They make reading easy and enjoyable for all. Available globally from all online retailers and independent bookshops.

dwf good picDown With Frogs is a collection of humorous, candid, occasionally tragic stories about the frogs that you have to kiss on the way to finding your Prince or giving up looking.  All of the stories in this book are based on real life events, but given the Eden twist.

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Laughing at Myself (released June 2020) is a collection of humorous stories about all the times that life conspires to make you look like an idiot, and how to survive the embarrassment. All of the stories in this book are based on real life events, but given the Eden twist.

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