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Becoming an author was my childhood dream, but everyone who heard my dream told me that writing wasn’t a real job and to take my head out of the clouds.

After school I was encouraged into the world of business, and spent most of my jobs in sales and marketing.

Then in 2011 after years of struggling with my health I suddenly became too unwell to work full time, and although it was a major struggle, as I began to recover the sparkly silver lining for me, was finally having the freedom to write.

This led to me starting my blog, it was so much fun, and the feedback was so great, that it felt right to jump in and create my first book ‘Down With Frogs’. a modern fiction collection about the frogs that you have to kiss on your way to finding your Prince. 

It was really important for me that my book needed to be accessible to those with literacy issues or eye sight difficulties, without creating a separate edition that marked out difference. So chose to use The British Dyslexia Association guidelines (a larger, regular shaped font, wider spacing between lines, and bold titles), in all my books. 

Although my books are available worldwide you can also buy them direct from me here

Down With Frogs – The romantic relationship in all it’s guises with stories like Going to Meet The Parents, The Curry Question, Fishing Socks and Sexy Boots, and Why On Earth Are They Still Single.  

“Down with Frogs is absolutely hilarious”

“We can all relate to the stories…that made it so much funnier”

Great if you enjoyed Sad Monsters by Frank Lesser, By The Numbers by Jen Lancaster, Downward Dog by Edward Vilga or Straight Man by Richard Russo.

Buy your Down With Frogs download here for just £2.49  

Laughing at Myself is the fascinatingly funny and compelling stories with a darker undertone about all the times that life conspires to make you look like an idiot. Stories include: Wheel of (Mis)fortune, Cataracts Toilet, Death by Frisbee, First Driving Test,  Put Them Away Love, and Nice to See You

“the type of book you want to read on a rainy day, with a cuppa and a biscuit (or three)”

“delightfully cringeworthy, humorous book of short stories that is written so well that I couldn’t help but picture myself as the character in most stories…”

If you enjoyed Court of The Myrtles  by Lois Cahill, Suburbia Made Me Do It by Ashley Fontaine, Gone By Midnight Candice Fox or Quesadillas by Juan Pablo Villalobos then you need to read this book.

Buy your eBook direct from me here

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