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Block Off!

writers block can be a real issue for anyone who writes, whether that’s books, articles, blogs, or talks. Anything that involves you having to translate the myriad wonders of your mind, into simple words that you can put on a page is bound to be tricky isn’t it?
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Pair Of Hands Writing In A Notebook

Write a book!

you may be one of the 83% of the world who wants to write a book, has started writing a book, feels they have a book 'in them' if this is you, get started with 'out of your head and onto the page'
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First aid, Frisbees & Festivals

Picture it, a hot summers day at a festival, dancing, flirty, laughing in a clearing in the crowd, when I got hit in the head by a frisbee travelling at full speed. Everything stopped, it took a full minute for me to realise that my head hurt, a lot.
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Day out at the STI Clinic

My friend Caroline has led a very sheltered life and has only been with one man who she met at nineteen. She lives through, and for, the next instalment of her Celebrity magazines and soap operas. But, more than celebrity and drama, Caroline finds sex fascinating;
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