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Girls mean business


Before you go out and buy the same old run of the mill diary for 2020 – STOP! This planner was recommended to be on our first meeting by my very fabulous business psychologist and coach Fiona Kearns.

One of my biggest problems has always been time management, being able to prioritise, and keep track of how and where my efforts are working (and not).

After Fiona told me about the planner I looked into it, and couldn’t believe how useful it was going to be, all the included sections are detailed below.  And everyone who buys a planner gets access to an equally awesome Facebook group full of fellow planners, the level of support and encouragement I have already had and witnessed makes this my new favourite business group.

Girl’s mean business – let’s plan our future together

Marketing training section at the front including:
How to use this Planner section
2020 Year to View Calendar spread
Business Vision tutorial
Create Your Own Business Vision spread
Setting Your Targets tutorial
Annual Target Setter page
Super Customer Tutorial
Super Customer profile area
Social Media Picker
Sales Train Tutorial
Sales Train Planner
Topic List Tutorial and Planner
Blog Tutorial and Planner
Newsletter Tutorial and Planner

Monthly Planning and Tracking Bundles including:
Monthly Marketing Focus
3 most important marketing tasks this month
Monthly marketing challenge
Monthly Money Stuff page
Monthly Social Media Plan spread
Daily Sales Tracker Sheet
Daily Cash Flow Sheet
Monthly Target Tracker Sheet
Monthly Gratitude Log
3 Things I’ll Do For Me this month
Scary Thing I’m going to tackle this month
2 Notes and Ideas Pages
*NEW* Quarterly Tracking Pages

Month-to-view pages and week-to-view spreads featuring:
National holidays for UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand
Daily checkboxes to help you keep track of anything from appointments to tasks or even how much water you have drunk
Today’s Sales box at the end of every day
Motivational message at the top of the left hand page
‘One thing I absolutely must get done this week’ section at the top of the right hand page
Weekly tracker for social media, marketing or anything else you want to track
Notes section
Mini calendar

Notes pages at the back, ‘Useful Contacts’ page and 2021 year-to-view page. Oh, and in the 2020 Planner Online Portal you will find mindfulness colouring sheets to download and print, a printable Brain Dump sheet for when you’re feeling overwhelmed, a downloadable Blog Planner sheet to help you scope out your blogs and MUCH more. All included in the price!

Girls mean business 2020 Planner

TTFN Eden 🙂

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