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Write a book!

‘Out Of Your Head And Onto The Page’ starts now, you may be one of the 83% of the world who wants to know how to write your own book, has started writing, and wants to know how to finish your book. Or feels they have a book ‘in them’.

Out Of Your Head And Onto The Page is full of book writing tips, to help you move from a feeling or idea to an actual book. Book publishing advice to make it a paperback you can hold in your hand or an ebook you can admire on your device.

The biggest thing to get your head around is that if you really want to do this, then you can. And why not enlist the help of someone who has already done it? and made mistakes they are willing to own up to! so that you get the benefits of not having to make those mistakes and waste your money.

Out of your head an onto the page won’t teach you to write, it’s only practise and lots more practise that will help with that, but it will explain how to get into a writing groove, the process of being ready for publishing, writers block, route to market, brand you, who is your reader? how to find your reader? social media, blogging, internal design, cover design, and dealing with critics, and your book launch.

All this will be delivered in clear, straightforward advice that you can follow and implement without wasting money, and sometimes without spending any money at all!

To give you a little taste of what’s to come I am putting out ‘where are you now?’ to help you consider which part of the process you are really at.

TTFN Eden 🙂

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