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Do you need writing and publishing answers? Do you want to write, publish and market your own book? then you have come to the right place!

Whether you are a complete beginner who needs to know how to get into good writing habits, how to choose an editor, or understand the different types of publishing so you can choose what is right for your work.

Or you feel ready to publish but want to find out about getting the right cover design, how to find beta readers, when, where and how to start marketing, and how to launch.

Or whether you already have a book on the market but need to know more about marketing your book, creating a mailing list, using social media effectively, getting into bookshops and being interviewed  

There is an Out of Your Head and Onto The Page Masterclass waiting to solve your problems from £27!

Each masterclass audio session is delivered to you as download, so that you can listen at your own pace, as many times as you need; with a companion worksheet to work on, help you to keep track of your ideas, and form the basis of your author ‘to do lists’.

Every session is suitable for absolute beginners, and for those who have already published but now feel a bit lost.

Out of Your Head and Onto The Page Masterclasses are designed to be listened to in order, as they often refer to knowledge gained in a previous Masterclass. Helping you build the priceless knowledge that will last throughout your whole writing career.

Which question do you want the answer to?

How To Write (Without Block)?

How To Choose A Publisher?

Who Is Your Ideal Reader? 

Where To Find Your Ideal Reader?

Why Do Authors Need A Brand?

How To Design A Great Cover?

How To Choose An Editor?

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Sales?

How Writer’s Use Social Media 

How, Where, When to Market Your Book

How To Have A Great Author Website?

How To Launch Your Book Online and Off?

How Authors Use A Mailing List?

How To Give Author Interviews?

Start to Success Package (indie publishing)

Start to Success Package (traditional publishing)

Full Package (indie publishing)

Full Package (traditional publishing)

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