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Essex woman in her mid forties, on her second husband, with two dogs and no children.  Inspired by David Sedaris’s humour, Barbara Conwys writing style, and Sarah Millican’s unashamed love of food.  As well as being the author of two books, and a blog, Eden is a creativity coach with a variety of workshops, and an author coaching programme, called ‘Out of your head and onto the page’.

Her first book ‘Down With Frogs’ (released August 2018), a collection of humorous, candid and occasionally tragic stories about the frogs you have to kiss before you find your prince, or give up looking.

Eden’s second book ‘Laughing at Myself'(released June 2020), a collection of stories about the times life conspires to make you look like an idiot, and how to survive the embarrassment.

Eden is passionate about literacy issues, so her work is formatted following The British Dyslexia Association research.  With a larger, regular shaped font, extra spacing between lines, and a bold title to make it clear to readers when a new story starts.

“Everyone should be able to pick up a book and get stuck in if they want to, it is up to writers and publishers to design their books in ways that help everyone”.

Eden is also a passionate women’s health advocate, challenging the stereotypes around  living with invisible disability.

Facebook: EdenGrugerTheWriter

Twitter: @edengrugerwrit1


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