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Feeling Flat

I’m not going to lie, my sunshine has dimmed, after losing Mum at the beginning of February I am feeling understandably flat.  Although we are all doing better than we would have thought we would right now; mainly because it has been such a blessing that Mum is peaceful now.

Grief changes minute to minute, let alone day to day, and so getting on with work and home-life has been ok, and then suddenly not.  Going to buy a new lightbulb for the kitchen took abit longer than expected as I needed a howl in the car before I could go in the shop.

In the same week as Mum went into hospital my second book was going through it’s final edits and design before publishing, which was a pain in the rear, like constant emails, phone calls, and a ton of marketing to get the ball rolling on.  bars desk looks like it’s been hit by a tornado.  But it was a blessing to have something to get on with, otherwise I might have walked the dogs and then sat staring at the walls for 22 hours.  Not emotionally healthy.

The donuts and chocolate bars in the picture have become a heavy feature of my new dietary intake, I figure it’s better to eat something and when I’m doing ok I eat proper food.

When the dust has settled abit I will share the story of what happened, as it was profound to say the least, but it’s abit soon.

So what have I been inspired by in March? The ability of the human mind and body to keep going when it is under great emotional strain.  It’s not funny, it’s not pretty, but there you have it.

TTFN Eden 🙂

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