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Official Launch Do

All of September had been spent rushing around inviting people, poster making, and delivering; planning, and list making (how I love the list making…ahh).  I found a gorgeous dress in The Hospice shop (I kid you not – it still had it’s labels on and everything!), the contents of the themed goodie bags (where do you like to read?) were decided on, purchased, bagged up and ready.  And I had read, re-read and read again the exert I was sharing on the night too make sure I didn’t stumble.

So on the day all I had to do was get my hair and nails done, put the berries in the champagne flutes, and make sure that the raspberry mojito mocktails were chilled and ready to flow.

It was fabulous to see everyone who came along, and let to possible the most surreal experience of my life so far and that’s saying something – being surrounded by people taking photographs of me with their phones 😀

I also wanted to say a massive Thank you to Jo and Pam from Jo’s Bookshop Station Road, Chingford, London. You guys were great hosts, and I appreciate all your support.

All I have to do now is make sure that I get copies of all the photos taken, chase people who bought the book for their reviews and opinions, get the press releases out in the physical press, and on my facebook page eden gruger writer, and then it is time to start the next part of operation get ‘Down With Frogs’ out there 😀 and breathe

TTFN Eden 🙂

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