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Indie Book Launches

Looking back at my launch for Down With Frogs I remember the excitement and nerves so well.  I had spent all of September rushing around inviting people, making and delivering posters, planning, and list making (how I love the list making…ahh). Deciding on the contents of the themed goodie bags (which was where do you like to read?), purchasing and making up the bags.  Practising reading, and re-reading the exert I was sharing on the night too make sure I didn’t stumble over my words (although I still cringe when I watch the video back).

Then I’d found just the right dress in The Hospice shop (I kid you not – it still had it’s labels on and everything!), 

So on the day all I had to do was get my hair and nails done, put the berries in the champagne flutes, and make sure that the raspberry mojito mocktails were chilled and ready to flow.

It was fabulous to see everyone who came along, and revel in what was possibly the most surreal experience of my life so far and really is saying something – being surrounded by people taking photographs of me with their phones was something that I hadn’t expected!

My intuition had led me to make a great choice in my venue, one of our local independent books (Jo’s Bookshop Station Road, Chingford, London). Jo and Pam were really enthusiastic and welcoming, helped me by being great hosts on the night and gave me lots of support in the areas that I wasn’t sure about from the moment that I approached them. I will always be thankful that they were such an important part of this experience for me.

And in the days after that event although I had been left with ‘the day after the wedding feeling’,there was still plenty of work to do, making sure that I had copies of all the photographs taken, chasing (nicely) the people who bought the book for their reviews and opinions, getting the press releases written and sent out. 

Now I know that independent authors don’t need a launch at all, if they don’t want one, and the idea of the launch with appreciative and proud friends and family gathering around the press waiting to take their interviews is very much rooted in the traditional publishing past. A publishing house would organise this as a marketing tool to get books off the ground, because they needed to hit a certain level of sales in the first six weeks. Yes this does still happen, but usually only for the books they expect to make plenty of money, or why else would they spend the money hosting a launch? As indie authors can leave their book on sales for as long as they like. Another one of the benefits of being in control of your own author career

And of course there are many different ways to launch your book, and reach your audience, the only boundary is your imagination, ok and maybe your wallet. If you would like to understand how to go about a launch, what order to do things and get a schedule of when you need to do what take a look at The Launching Your Book Online and Off Masterclass

Launching Your Book Online and Off

TTFN Eden 🙂

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