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Learning about myself

Todays ten minutes has been used up by the personality test, another draft for Laughing at Myself –  I know that a lot of these things can be wrong, however my one was scarily accurate…And what job did they recommend? writer 🙂

Spontaneously creative.  Struggle to answer quickly in arguments.  Insightful Timekeeping – find it hard to keep track of time anyone who has arranged to meet me anywhere will recognise this one.  Sorry everyone.  This apology stretches to cover the next point also –  Good planner, struggles to remember dates, times and figures, good organiser but loses the thread of conversations – Challenges the norm.  Patient with animals and children – Impatient with adults, who me? ok me.  Likes to keep a nice home – Well I do like to keep a nice home, in theory, I mean it is tidy, just ignore the dust.

TTFN Eden 🙂

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