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Why Do Authors Need A Brand?

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Hard to imagine why authors need a brand? think that it’s only business that need brands? this Masterclass gives you all the reasons why you need one, and the tools you need to build your author brand.


I’m not a brand I’m a free person! If you really aren’t sure why on earth you would need a brand as an author this Masterclass has all the answers.

We look at why you need a brand, how to create yours, working out what your core values are, and what you stand for; the image that you want to present to your ideal customers, how to do this, and why it is so important, and why this makes all your marketing efforts so much easier.

By the end of this session you will understand how to be both your author business brand and yourself!

1 review for Why Do Authors Need A Brand?

  1. Sue Williams (verified owner)

    This is a concise course that clearly outlines the importance of knowing your brand values. There are some easy to understand examples of what would cause a customer to choose between two different services that seem similar at first glance. There is a helpful exercise to clarify your own brand values in 10 words. In addition, Eden touches on why it is important to see yourself as an author business rather than solely an author. Recommended for those who need clarity about what branding is and why it is important, without ploughing through masses of material.

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