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Where To Find Your Ideal Reader

5.0 (1 review)


Do you want to find out the secrets of where to find your ideal reader? to learn to think like them? to enable you to develop a plan of action, then you are in the right place!


This masterclass takes all your worries around marketing, and explains why you don’t need to fear!

  • think like your ideal reader
  • know your ideal readers interests
  • understand which social media platforms they will use
  • Where they will be offline
  • find the groups they will be a part of
  • create a plan of which groups they will engage with
  • build a comprehensive plan of the places where your ideal reader will be
  • understand where they won’t be
  • create targeted branding and marketing

1 review for Where To Find Your Ideal Reader

  1. Peter John Keevil (verified owner)

    Brilliant analysis of the ky issues and a really thorough process to follow to give you specific actions to take….Thank you, Eden!

    • Eden Gruger (verified owner)

      I am so glad that you found where to find your ideal reader useful Peter, and look forward to hearing how the techniques worked for you. Regards Eden

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