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How To Choose A Publisher

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If you want to know about the three main types of publishing, and to hear the pros and cons of each. And find out the inside information on royalties and agents this is for you!


Get all your questions and concerns about the different kinds of publishing out of the way here, and learn your role and expected responsibilities for each route

  • understanding what traditional publishing houses offer
  • how to get a literary agent
  • what to expect from a literary agent
  • how a literary agent earns their fee
  • self publishing and print on demand services
  • understand the difference in royalty payments between traditional and self publishing
  • what is vanity publishing
  • why you should not pay to publish
  • understand the differences of each route
  • the benefits of each
  • and the pitfalls of each route

By the end of this masterclass you will have learnt all of the facts that you need to make the publishing choice that is right for you, and the writing career that you want to have.

1 review for How To Choose A Publisher

  1. Barbara Cosgrave (verified owner)

    This answers all your questions as an author about publishing. Even the ones you didn’t know about! Can’t recommend it enough.

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