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Apologies, puppies & internet

  • June 18, 2019
A certain puppy has decided to chew through my power cable, and I am waiting for a new one to appear via the wobbly web. Normal service will resume Thursday (everything crossed) - what have you been doing?
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Fish diets

Fish like curry, cheese, garlic, chilli and spicy food - apparently this is a fact. How do I know this? because there is a fisherman in the family. Why do fish like curry, cheese, garlic, chilli and spicy food? no-one I have spoken to really knows, and how did the first person find this out? Did they have a bag of food with them that fell into the water, and then they noticed a feeding frenzy? I highly doubt it.
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Marion Keyes & procrastination

  • May 31, 2019
I will have to learn how to touch type I think, my typing might be getting faster but then you look at all these little red lines of spelling mistakes and sometimes the words don’t look like anything at all.
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