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Resting after overwhelm

Not going to lie, the first five weeks of lockdown have been a well deserved rest for me after a February full of overwhelm, I won’t forget (losing my mum just as I was finishing my second book ‘Laughing at Myself’).  The whole of March was spent just taking each day as it came, and doing lots of not a great deal, meaning that April has started with a boost of energy I had enough energy to go through my house like a ‘dose of salts’ (not exactly sure what this is, but suspect it is some sort of old purging medicine, for ahem clearing the bowels.  Although I don’t know this for sure).

So the bathroom has been decorated, as has the kitchen, the garden fence, shed and outside furniture have all been given a coat of weather protection (only five years late in the case of the fence).  The greenhouse was cleaned inside and out, and old broken pots sorted and put to one side.  Some trellis was mended, plants that were in the wrong place, were moved to the right place, the shed was cleared out, and we discovered that most of the stuff we had been storing was rubbish.  The pile of recipes I cut from magazines over the last 17 years finally made it into a ring binder.  My craft boxes were sorted into actual crafts so that if I want more cadmium yellow acrylic paint, or a cross stitch bookmark kit, then I will know where to find them (for a change).

I have really enjoyed getting some things done, after weeks after just sitting or lolopping around.  But, like virtually everyone else I have no idea what day of the week it is, or the date (although I am quite shaky on dates anyway).  Reading this you now get why I get overwhelmed, when I have the energy I am a little dynamo, and then poop, it’s time to power down.  My overall plan for a brighter and healthy Eden is to use this time to get up to date with all those things that were hanging around on the to do list – check, take time to rest – check, and look really carefully at how I am going to manage my work life moving forward; and yes that probably, (defiantly) means I get to make a new spreadsheet *sigh*

Keep well everyone, and remember what I said yesterday, only do what you can do;  and now, it’s very definitely time for me to have another rest.

TTFN Eden 🙂

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