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Health during isolation

This is all about staying emotionally, and mentally healthy during isolation, I don’t know about you but my inbox is busier than ever, people want to talk to me, video link with me, video call me, Zoom, and I don’t know what.  I just want to be quiet! If anything I could be busier than usual.

But the secret to being emotionally and mentally healthy during isolation (according to me) is to be occupied enough, rest enough, and stay interested in things you would usually be interested in; and not to feel pressured to do anything more.

What do I know? listen honey, I know – I was housebound for six years, ok? so just you just take that in for a minute, not three weeks, not six weeks, six years.

So clean your home, knit a jumper, mow your lawn, do an exercise routine, dance to the radio, bake, restyle your hair, text your family, bathe, brush your teeth, change your clothes every week or so, or just get out of bed.  If that’s what you can cope with, then that’s what you can cope with. No-one can see what you are or aren’t doing, so we don’t have to care at all about anyone else’s opinion of how you are spending your time.

If you feel energised and positive and can catch up with that never ending to do list learn Japanese, how to make curtains, or plan your world domination strategy then also great. if that’s what you can do.

The only thing to remember is to ‘should’ can f*** off, one of the sayings that reverbates around my house is “should according to whom?”.  I am 46 (yes I know darling can you believe it??) take your should guilt trip and park it up your butt. It doesn’t matter one tiny bit who is doing what, that’s their stuff, this is yours, and YOU take care of YOU.

So, I hear you say, whats the flipping secret Eden? Everyday take a minute, whenever you wake up, to remind yourself that you are still you, that you can manage.  It can be hard, and I am fully aware that many people are suffering from mental health issues they never thought they would experience.  But if you have a roof over your head, food in your cupboard, electricity, fresh water coming out of your taps, and money in the bank, you can read, and you aren’t being persecuted, then you are better off than a vast majority of the world.  Even in these tricky times you are blessed.

So the secret to staying ok in this turbulent time is –

Do what you can do on any given day

Celebrate what other people are doing, but don’t just yourself by it

Remember that in all likelihood you are not just surviving, in global terms you are thriving.

If you experiencing thoughts of self harm including suicide then please contact your local mental health services. 

TTFN Eden 🙂

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