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What being a writer looks like

So I thought it would be a bit of fun now that my mentoring classes have launched, to show just what my writing week looked like this week .

To hit my deadline of getting to my editor on 1st March 2021, and to be able to hit my chosen deadline of 1st May 2021 at my publishers, I have started working on book three.

I have twenty draft ideas that I have collected up, and now all I have to do is write a bit more into them, see where they go and what works in a collection, then the serious writing can start.

Unsurprisingly a writer’s life it isn’t all launches, signings, and photo shoots, in fact very, very few of them are like that. A lot more of lot of my days look like the ones below! and so will yours if you decide that being a writer is for you. You’ll see by my face the times when something has tickled me, I’m thinking or when I need a break.

In no way is being an author a stressful job, and I will not pretend that it is, but it has it’s ups and downs just like every other area of life. As you will see from my photos there are days when my hair is up in an elastic band, and I’m eating chocolate pudding at 11am (albeit an Alpro pudding, 11am isn’t really pudding time). I’d live to see photos of your workface!

TTFN Eden 🙂


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