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Hiding from emails

On the 12th of October I had a Blue Zone email titled how to free up two hours a day.  Sounds amazing, as you know I am always complaining about how little time there seems to be to ‘get things done’.

And now a month later, it’s time to admit to myself that I have been hiding from this email, because of the way I use time.  There I have said it, and you’ll judge me, boo.

You know what it said don’t you?  according to their statistics the average American watches 5 hours a day of TV, and the average Brit just under 4 hours a day. where I found my statistics.  Now that’s horrific, and figure in the amount of time we spend texting, chatting, on Facebook, Insta, Snapchat, Twitter, playing games and reading articles, you may as well say that’s our job, and anything else we do is the hobby.  I have horrified myself (and hopefully you) enough.

As some of you already know I took email, Facebook, Insta and all games off my phone about six months ago, because I caught myself not being able to get out of bed without checking my phone.

But now it’s TV detox time, I, Eden Gruger, promise myself and you dear reader, that starting from 12am on 16th November I will not watch any TV for seven days.  I am dreading it, and excited for it in equal measure! If you decide to give it a try let me know how you get on, and what you get up to instead!

*Update* Ok so I made it 5 days before I cracked, and what was it that pushed me over the edge? exhaustion, the desire to sit in front of the flickering box, stop the thoughts and turn my brain to autopilot.  What did I accomplish before the cave in? I wrote four blog posts, filed 200 emails, organised three creativity workshops for 2020, set up my Christmas marketing campaign, went out for afternoon tea with nine friends (it was jolly chaos!).  Visited my in-laws and actuals without having one eye on the clock, and cracked on with the allotment in the rain.  What I learnt was that without TV I can get more work done in less time, leaving me free space to socialise, and get things done. And that without TV I don’t have a mechanism for going onto autopilot….

The Blue Zones article that inspired me

TTFN Eden 🙂

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