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Writer’s Block LIVE Q&A

You may remember that I wrote all about writer’s block in an article a while ago, and many of you have requested (and hopefully) tried using the tips in my free eBook 10 Ten Minute Tips to Knock Your (Writer’s) Block Off! but you might still be having issues with your writing that need a little bit of extra support.

Well have no fear, because I have created this LIVE event to help those of you who are struggling with your writing, Especially where this has been going on for a little while, or where you are starting to stress about whether you will be able to get back to writing when the world calms down a bit. This event is suitable for writer’s of any age, of any experience whether published or not, if you prefer to engage with an expert to get the answers you need then book yourself a place.

The Writer’s Block live Q&A is a one off event on Saturday 10th April starting at 11am to 11:45am BST for just £14.99

So, even if you don’t have loads of time you can squeeze this in between walking the dog, making lunch, hanging out the washing, painting your toenails… and everything else that you might need to do on a Saturday.

I’ll be giving you my usual down to earth advice answering how can I avoid writer’s block?

Is writer’s block inevitable? How do you get out of block once it strikes? and the very important exactly what is writer’s block? for the answers to these questions, and all the other Writer’s Block questions you long to solve, join me for this live Q&A on Saturday 10th April 11am BST for £14.99

Here is the link to book your place – I have limited numbers to make sure that I stand a chance of answering everybody’s questions.

There may be an option to purchase the session afterwards, but you will need to email me at if this is of interest to you.

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